An Art Auction and Sale of Peter Ferber’s Original Artwork – Watercolors inspired by the historic St John’s Chapel. Click Here to learn about Peter and his 2021 Virtual show.

All original watercolors have been sold. Please continue reading below to see images of these works and to learn how to obtain the limited edition Giclee print “Sundays at St. John’s.”

Peter Ferber putting the finishing touches on his work “Welcome to St. John’s”


Information about the Individual paintings and limited edition “Giclee” print follow below:

A special, limited edition “Giclee” print – “Sundays at St. John’s” – is now available for sale.  

The Giclee is a special process that uses 8 colors (traditional printing uses 4) on 100% cotton, acid free paper.  The result is a strikingly beautiful museum quality print that can become a family treasure.  Each Giclee is numbered and signed by artist Peter Ferber.  

The printing is limited and after our complete order is processed no additional copies of this Giclee can be made.

The dimensions of this special print are 16 x 25 inches.  The print is composed in the craftsman style and includes the composition of the five watercolors Peter Ferber painted of St. John’s-on-the-Lake.  The price of each “Giclee” print is $275. All proceeds go to support the Chapel’s Preservation Fund.  The Preservation Fund was established to provide a source of funding to restore or rebuild the chapel in the event of a fire, vandalism, severe weather event or other catastrophic loss not covered by insurance.

To be assured of getting a “Giclee” print, please send an email to or call 703-628-6002 and leave a message.   Payment is not needed until you pick up your print. Checks can be written out to St. John’s-on-the-Lake Association.  Prints can also be purchased at the Chapel’s Sunday services or by making arrangements for pickup on the mainland.

“Welcome to St. John’s”. SOLD

The southern approach to St. John’s is a forested path.  Along the way you will discover the welcoming red doors to the vestibule, happy canines, friends old and new and if you look carefully, the structures of childhood imagination.  Notice the four corners suggesting reference to the forest that has sheltered the chapel since 1927.  This unique painting served as the template creating the smaller “Giclee” print.

Dimensions:   19 x 29 inches

The Tower of St. John’s. Sold

In the early years, the tower platform of St. John’s offered dramatic views of Lake Winnipesaukee.  Today those views are blocked by decades of forest growth but the view still exists in art and memory.

Dimensions:    28 x 5 inches

“Chapel Nave and Sanctuary”. SOLD

The interior perspective of the Chapel is highlighted by the stainglass eagle of St. John’s soaring over the Birch wood altar and the charming light of taper candles.

Dimensions.  12 1/5 x 5 inches

“Light of the Memorial Window” SOLD

There are ten windows surrounding the chapel interior that provide the primary light source for Sunday services.  Each offers an enchanting view of the natural world to be found outside.

Dimensions:  7 1/2 x 5 inches

“Summer Sounds”. SOLD

St. John’s antique Estey pump organ arrived in the 1960s and was actually a “modern” addition to Chapel worship. In the early decades of the chapel’s service (1920s – 1950s) music was performed a capella. 

Dimension:  7 1/2 x 5 inches

Minimum bid:  $300