2020 Summer Worship Schedule

St. John’s on-the-Lake Chapel

Bear Island

    Sunday 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

           June 28                                 Rev. John C. Blair
                                                         United Methodist
           July 5                                    The Rev. Jay Hutchinson
          Communion                           Episcopal                        
           July 12                                  Rev. Mary Edes
           Blessing of the Animals      Unitarian Universalist
           July 19                                  Rev. Carol Asher
                                                         American Baptist
           July 26                                  Hannah Scanlon
           August  2                             Camp Nokomis
                                                         Youth Service
           August 9                               Father Jack Hurley
           Communion                          Catholic
           August 16                             The Rev. Robin Soller
           Communion                          Episcopal
           August 23                             Pastor Brad Wolff
           Blessing of the Animals       Lutheran
           August 30                             Rev. Philip Polhemus
                                                         United Methodist

           Boat parking: Chapel docks in Deep Cove

Taxi Boat email:  bear.island.church.ferry@gmail.com

Website: stjohnsonthelake.org

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