Archive of the Association’s Annual Letters

In the summer of 1927, St. John’s “Priest-in-Charge,” the Rev. Kenneth Ripley Forbes, wrote a letter to summer residents of the Lake Winnipesaukee islands.  The letter explained the mission of St. John’s-on-the-Lake and announced the schedule for formal dedication of the Chapel.

“This church has been placed where it is in order to minister to every sort of person who makes this beautiful region a vacation spot, either for long or short periods. Regardless of what your religious affiliation at home may be, we hope that you will join each Sunday with us at this community centre of worship.”

Over the decades the welcoming legacy of the “summer letter” has been continued by the St. John’s-on-the-Lake Association through the annual Association Letter.

These annual letters are traditionally sent in the Spring  and provide Chapel news and information on visiting clergy for the coming Summer.   In 2007 the  Association also began the tradition of a Christmas letter-card sent to friends of St. John’s-on-the-Lake.

Reviewing the annual Letters that have been sent over the decades by the St. John’s-on-the-Lake Association provide an historical snapshot of important events in the Chapel’s history.   The letters have been authored by members of the Association board and in most cases its President.  No less important, the letters  underscore the contributions of the many volunteers who over  the decades have labored selflessly to maintain the chapel and provide opportunities for worship during the summer months.

Copies of the Association’s Letters since 1955 are included through the links below.  

1955 Letter

1956 Lette


1964 Letter


1967 Letter

1968 Letter

1969 Letter

1970 Letter

1971 Letter

1972 Letter

1973 Letter

1974 Letter

1975 Letter

1976 Letter

1977 Letter



1982 Letter


1984 Letter

1985 Letter

1986 Letter

1987 Letter

1988 Letter

1989 Letter

1990 Letter

1991 Letter

1992 Letter

1993 Letter

1994 Letter

1995 Letter

1998 Letter

1999 Letter

2000 Letter (Jim Hansen)






2006 Letter

2007 Letter

2007 Christmas Letter

2008 Letter


2010 Letter

2011 Letter

2012 Letter

2013 Letter

2014 (Sharon Doyle)

2015 (Sharon Doyle)





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