Special ceremonies should be coordinated  with either Linda Hopper (hoppers43jl@gmail.com) or Marjorie Burdette (mburdette22@comcast.net). A completed application form and a donation of $150 to St. John’s on-the-Lake Chapel are requested for private baptisms and memorial services.  The date you have chosen in coordination with your Board sponsor will be reserved upon receipt.  The donation is separate from any honorarium paid to the minister and musicians.

Baptisms are most often part of our regular Sunday services, but you must clear this with either one of the coordinators above and the minister scheduled for that Sunday.

Be reminded that St. John’s is an interdenominational Chapel, and the various denominations have different expectations.

Please remember to bring your own water. We have a small silver Revere bowl to be used for the ceremony. If you wish to use another bowl, you will need to provide it.

If you wish to have a special ceremony apart from our regular services, you are welcome to do so. In that case, you are responsible for arranging for a minister and making sure you have a sponsor from the Board to unlock and lock the Chapel. If you wish to have music, you must make your own arrangements as well.

The general guidelines for memorial services are similar to those for private baptismal services outlined above.

Special Service Application