If you decide you would like to be married at St. John’s on-the-Lake, here is THE PROCESS YOU MUST COMPLETE prior to your wedding day.


Contact either Linda Hopper ( or Marjorie Burdette ( to find out whether the date you have in mind is available and to answer basic questions about the use of the Chapel.


A Board member of the St. John’s on-the-Lake Association needs to act as your sponsor. He or she will advise you about your arrangements, open the Chapel on the day of the wedding, attend the wedding, and close the Chapel after the ceremony.  If you do not know anyone on the board, ask Marjorie Burdette or Linda Hopper to help you find someone.  


Once you have a date and a sponsor, complete the appropriate application form found below and send it with your $300 check (made out to “St. John’s-on-the-Lake Association”) to:  12 Loch Eden Shores Rd., Meredith, NH 03253.

Please note: Your date is not confirmed until your application and payment are received.  If you cancel or your plans change, we are happy to give you a complete refund. 


The Chapel does not have a resident minister. You are responsible for obtaining one for your ceremony and providing his or her transportation.  We can provide you with a list of local ministers. Suggested fee for a minister is $200.00 and is paid directly to the minister.


You must obtain your own marriage license locally prior to the wedding, and you will need to provide a copy to your minister. Please note that if your minister of choice does not have a pastoral charge in New Hampshire, he or she will need a special license, which takes up to two weeks to obtain from the state. Information and a copy of the application can be found at  Please plan to send a copy of your marriage certificate to the Chapel for our records. The address is: 12 Loch Eden Shores Rd., Meredith, NH 03253.



St. John’s on-the-Lake is a bucolic Chapel at the top of a hill in the middle of the forest. Whatever you carry up the hill, you will have to carry down.  For example, keep flowers and decorations simple, fun and easy to pack. If you are providing food, think picnic. 


  • You are responsible for arranging for your music and/or musicians. Guitars, flutes and violins sound wonderful in the Chapel.  The Chapel organ is a foot pumped, 19th Century Estey Organ.   (We recommend paying an organist or other musician at least $150.00.)
  • We have multiple copies of the Pilgrims Hymnal, which contains Songs, Psalms and Prayers if you wish to have responsive readings with the congregation or readings by friends.


  • You can access the Chapel up to two hours before the wedding and should plan to have cleaned up the Chapel, the trail and the docks one hour after the service. Your Board sponsor will inspect and then lock the Chapel at the end of the event.
  • The candle sconces on the wall are the only source of extra light in the Chapel. Bringing a portable light source for the minister and musicians should be a consideration, especially if the weather is cloudy.
  • FIRES, FIREWORKS OR SPARKLERS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN inside or outside the Chapel . Your Board sponsor retains the right to end our agreement, lock the Chapel, and cancel the event immediately should any of these prohibited items be used.
  • Please do not use nails, tacks, or other fasteners on the walls, chairs, or Do not use spray paint of any kind.
  • Do not use rice, glitter or confetti or any other non-biodegradable or inappropriate substance for after the service. In keeping with the natural surroundings, we suggest you provide bird seed or flower petals for tossing after the ceremony.
  • Remember, there is no electricity or plumbing at the Chapel. Please inform your guests that this means there is no running water, toilets, electrical lights, or electrical outlets.
  • Some Cleaning Supplies are kept in the Chapel, including brooms, cleaning liquids, and paper towels.
  • There is one folding table that can be used for refreshments. There are no vases for flowers or mirrors.
  • If the bride and wedding party plan to dress at the Chapel, they may use the second floor landing above the entryway to change. We recommend bringing a sheet for the floor of the landing to protect the dresses.
  • The wedding party and guests should remember to bring appropriate footwear for the rocky walk up to the Chapel.
  • Please note, the upper tower is closed to guests due to safety concerns. (There is no longer a view from the tower due to the surrounding forest.)


  • You are required to have the Chapel and grounds returned to their pre-wedding  condition within an hour after the service.